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The Monthly Fly Club
Welcome to The Monthly Fly Club!
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Deer Hair Frog
Sample flies that you
would expect:
We reserve the right to change this web page at any time. If you have any
questions please email us.
Other Gifts
Checkout our other items in the Gifts page. Here you can find wonderful fly
assortments and that are great for one time gifts, or it can even be purchased
along with a fly of the month club package. This will get the angler off to the water
with some flies before they start receiving their monthly package.
My husband has loved receiving the monthly packages and is very pleased with
the quality of the flies so we will be long term returning customers!
Alisia SF. - Dover, MA
Check out our long time member Ben Medoff and son on this nice hook up!
Welcome to The Monthly Fly Club! We have the world famous fly fishing memberships
that deliver high quality trout, bass, or saltwater flies to your doorstep each month. Why
pay up to $2-$5 per fly at a retail store when you can get a fun membership for as low
as $1.18 per fly! What is also great is that memberships start for as little as $39.99. It
is an easy four step process:
•Select the membership type: Trout, Saltwater, or Bass
•Select the membership length: 3, 6, 9, or 12 months
•Select the number of flies received each month
The flies will be shipped on the first of every month through the United States Post
Office. You must place your order by the 20th of each month to start receiving your
flies for the next month. In the package you will receive your flies and a written page
about the fly and/or fishing techniques.